Monday, February 15, 2010

Some stocks for this week

Monday Update: More charts added below

Let's start with some airline stocks. This sector looks rather good to me here and, as all you regular readers know, treated me rather well last week.

AMR - Finally broke 8.50 on Friday. Nice volume pattern. I entered this at 8.56 on Friday but got stopped out at 8.49, only to see it then run up without me. But not to despair considerate readers as....

LCC - then I entered LCC at 6.50 and am still holding it. Love the volume pattern on this one! At new 52-week highs, so no resistance up ahead. This stock treated me rather well the last week. For a complete list of last week's trades and results, please click here.

UAUA - Started the day weak on Friday as it got downgraded. But it tested 15 and then marched straight ahead to new highs. A very encouraging sign if a stock behaves likes this on bad news. 

CAL - Nice bounce on decent volume off MA(50). In a nutshell, the entire airline sector looks good to fly! Sorry, couldn't resist saying that.

CAKE - Watch out for it breaking important resistance here. The volume pattern looks really good.

CMG - Nice breakout on heavy volume from the trading range.  Has room to run. Stop Loss below 100 should do the trick.

CVVT - Heading towards an important trendline. One of the very few charts with a bullish volume pattern for this entire year.

FLIR - Landed right on MA(200). Could work either as a long or a short depending on if the MA(200) holds.

NOA - Looking really good here. Watch out for a break of 9.25 with volume.

LF - Really like how it held support right at the gap and then closed at the upper end of the trading range. A buy above 4.80

PRAA - Broke out of its trading range on very high volume. A buy at new highs, or around 50.50 in case of a pullback, with a stop just below 50 should do the trick.

RE - A short. Weak pullback stopped right at MA(200).

RIMM - At an important level here. Right at the gap resistance, so could go either way.

Take care and good luck tomorrow!

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