Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some interesting plays

Well dear readers, as you know, I posted an extensive watchlist yesterday. So, I thought I would just see how those stocks performed today and point out the plays I still really like out of those. I wont be posting these charts again because (a) I just posted them yesterday (b) I am amazingly tired! For a look at the important S&P levels and where I see this market going, please see this post from earlier today.

Though all the stocks in the watchlist performed well today, here are my top picks:

AMR - up 3.9%
CVVT - up 6.23%
FLIR (short play) - up 0.08% Doji formed today. Could get interesting tomorrow.
NOA - up 7.03%
LF - up 8.09%

So, from the above you can see what I meant when I said in the last post that I am kinda disappointed I didn't get a chance to follow the markets earlier in the day today. NOA and LF had very clear buy points which I had pointed out in the post yesterday, so I missed out some nice potential profits there. Hopefully, you readers were able to take advantage of these picks!

Couple of picks I would like to add to this watchlist. As you regular readers know, I took a position in RDN Friday late afternoon and exited it at 7.84 in the first few minutes of the trading day today. I got out of it as I was afraid it would fall heavily today as a stock in the same sector - PMI - reported pretty poor numbers in the pre-market today. Plus I had over 10% gains in the stock and was glad to take my money off the table anyway. The stock, rather to my surprise, held up rather well and so did MTG, another stock in the same sector. I took a position in MTG later in the day.

MTG - At crucial levels here. Could run if it crosses 7. Volume seems to be showing signs of coming to life.

RDN - The close above 8 was pretty important. Nice volume in the last couple of days.

That's it from me for today! Take care and good luck!

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