Friday, September 20, 2013

Looking at the week gone by

I am just going through my trading results of the previous week. Was that sort of week where it seemed a tad too easy. Lots of breakouts. Some I could take advantage of, some I missed. Still, one of the better weeks. Having traded for quite a few years now, all that does is make me cautious of the week ahead. Not of the overall markets, but my own trading. The markets have this endearing characteristic of screwing you when you least expect it. So, gotta be especially cautious in the beginning of next week.

The following were some big winners from the watchlist posted last weekend. I hope you readers got to gain from some of them. The levels marked on these charts are the same as those marked last weekend.

 ACAD up 7.57%

 BYD up 7.39%

 DYAX up 14.86%

 EGLE up 39.8%!!

 EJ up 9.23%

 END up 11.07%

 HIMX up 22.41% Posted on Tuesday

 TPLM up 10.99%

YPF up 9.92%

I will be back with next week's watchlist sometime over the weekend.

Take care and good luck!

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