Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb 8 - Feb 12 completed trades

5 profits, 1 loss - +15.82% 
Average Profit - +3.32%
Average Loss - -0.81%

Total account up 8.09% YTD (after commissions) - compared to up 2.9% at end of last week.

Open Positions: NEP,  RDN, LCC

I would like to start this week's review by thanking the Stock Gods for showering me with profits this week, in what was actually quite a difficult week to trade. Until last Friday, I was in the my worst trading slump for over a year. And as you regular readers might remember, I got out of the slump not by making a few great trades but by the confidence gained from not making a few trades! (For the uninitiated, please see here). So, this week I just tried to recreate how I traded last Friday and it looks like its been working. I will be writing a post this weekend on the lessons I learnt from last Friday, so I have them as reference for the next time I am in a trading slump. And trust me dear readers, the slumps will come! That's the reason one shouldn't get overconfident after a period of winnings and always stay humble in the good times.


1) The table shows only completed trades of the week. The positions that are still open will be accounted for in the week that I close them.
2) The YTD calculation includes the open positions. I just take my account value at end of Friday and calculate it. So, it also includes commissions which do matter a lot to a small account like mine.

Which other blog reports results after commissions? :)

Have a nice weekend!