Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb 16 - Feb 19 completed trades

4 profits, 1 loss - +18.24%
Average Profit - +4.95%
Average Loss - -1.56%

Total account up 9.91% YTD (after commissions)

Open Positions: NEP, LCC

I didn't trade much this holiday-shortened week but the Stock Gods were still magnanimous enough to bestow me with large gains in what frankly speaking, was a difficult week to trade. More than the gains, I am pleased with the patience I have shown in the last two weeks in waiting for the right setups to appear. Hopefully, I will be able to continue this good run which started two weeks ago. I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts on where we go from here and also some charts for your watchlist.

Take care and enjoy the weekend!


1) The table shows only completed trades of the week. The positions that are still open will be accounted for in the week that I close them.
2) The YTD calculation includes the open positions. I just take my account value at end of Friday and calculate it. So, it also includes commissions which do matter a lot to a small account like mine.

Which other blog reports results after commissions? :)

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