Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some charts for next week

For what to expect and my suggestions on how to play next week, please see here.

LCC - Bullish volume pattern. Watch out for a break of 7. At 52 week highs, so room to run.

MTG - Long term resistance of 7.50 just ahead. A buy above that. Bullish volume pattern.

SAPE - Breakout on high volume on Friday. Not too thrilled about the close though. A buy only if it manages to hold 9.

CSE - Nice breakout on high volume. Coming off a double bottom.

LPX - Volume starting to come in. Look out for a potential breakout if it manages to cross 8.

CLF - Watch out for a break of 55. Nice volume the last couple of days.

BEBE - Consolidating pretty well after a breakout. A clean break of 8.50 and we are back in business.

I see Palladium futures have made a great start to the week. And so has gold. It might be worth your time to keep an eye on SWC tomorrow. Volume has been relatively low recently, so look out for signs of volume coming in. Could run after 12. Keep an eye on PAL too, another Palladium play.

That's it from me for now. If I find any more set ups I like, I will put them up on twitter. If you are not following me already, you can do so over here.

Take care and good luck tomorrow!

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