Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why I am writing Confessions of a Recovering Trader

Update: I, for one, am surprised by the poll numbers (on your right) till now. I expected more of you to be bearish rather than bullish? What gives??


Dear readers, expect the part two of Confessions of a Recovering Trader sometime later today. I am writing this post to keep a log of how I suffered and eventually got out of the trading slump (hopefully!). Let's not kid ourselves here....I am sure this is not the last trading slump I will ever have. So, this will hopefully turn out to be a nice reference for the future. And I know there are a lot of you newbie traders out there frustrated by your losses in the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, this post will be of some use to all of you too. As for the more experienced or better traders than me, I welcome any advice on how to recover from shattered confidence or you sharing your experiences.

When I started writing this post, I had no intention of turning it into a series. But as I started putting my thoughts on "paper", I realized I had a lot to say and there is only so much that I can write in one sitting, hence the multiple posts. Who would have thought that writing about your mistakes and failures could be so draining? :)

Enjoy the Sunday with your family and friends!

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