Friday, January 15, 2010

Position update

Entered SBIB at 5.50. Here's why:

10:02 Update. Horribly in the red today!!!! Definitely the worst day in months.

10:15 Update. Since I want this blog to be not just about stock picks but also trading emotions, I have to be completely honest. And at times like these, brutally honest!! Feeling like a real idiot here and really disappointed with myself. Why didnt I listen to my own advice and tread cautiously?? Well, actually I did....until yesterday. lol. Hope you guys out there are doing better than me!

10:19 Update. And I DO NOT blame the markets. This is all me, me, me!! I am going to stop seeing the screen for a while.

10:21 Update. I just got the chart of the day award at chartly on stock twits. You have to find this funny!! The markets sure have a twisted sense of humor!! lol
BTW, the mention was for the chart of WYNN that you see below. Not bad considering it was my first day posting on :)

10:40 Update. And here is the glass being half full, make that 3/4th full moment of the day....At least I am not long solar stocks!! lol

10:46 Update. SBIB showing admirable strength. Not really worried about WYNN. Palladium holding up well too. Hmmm....

10:53 Update. The market close to its lows but most of the stocks on my watch list are well off their lows??!!

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