Thursday, January 14, 2010

Position update

Took a small starting position in SWC at 12.58. Might add if it shows signs of strength. I really like Palladium here as it crosses the important level of 440. Wont get time to concentrate on the markets till later in the trading day, so not taking too many chances here.

Hope some of you benefited by the NEP call last night! I see it made a 7% move earlier in the day. I didnt get a chance to see the markets until now so missed it.

Will do a detailed post on Palladium and Palladium manufacturers later this evening.

Good luck!

13:03 Still liking it here. But am waiting for the volume to come in before adding more. Volume not impressive right now.

13:34 Facing huge sell block at 12.70. Should add if it manages to overcome that.

13:43. Most of that block gone but obstacle remains. I am trying to be patient here. Which is something that doesnt come naturally to me.

13:46. Added at 12.72

13:48 Bought some WYNN at 71.84. Finally saw some volume coming in it. Wont be able to watch the markets for the next half an hour now.

14:32 Very small position in CSIQ at 28.30. Stupid?? I know!!

14:50 Keeping an eye on 28.71 for CSIQ

15:41 Into NEP at 10.35

15:59 Sols CSIQ for 28.09 for less than 1% loss. It didnt pass my "sleep" test.

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