Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Election result pick!

The election result in Massachusetts - a shocking loss for the Democrats and the 41st vote for Republicans in the Senate - could quite possibly hurt the health care bill. This is in all probability good news for health care stocks, which were already up today in anticipation of this news.

I think one way one possible way to play this scenario is DXCM. This was on the watch list I posted yesterday. I admit when I posted the watch list and even when I entered the stock today, I had no clue this stock was in the health care sector. I just play the charts with no concern for what the company does.

But this happens to be a stock not only in the health care sector but also in the Medical instruments and supplies industry! You do know the significance of this if you have followed the health care bill.

The stock saw a great move up on Friday on massive volume. It not only held the huge gains today, but also had an impressive move up - the reason why I got in it today.

I would recommend this stock for your watch list tomorrow as a high probability play.

Good Luck and Good Night!

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