Wednesday, January 20, 2010


FSLR - Close to an important region of support. Keep an eye on it for a possible bounce. RSI and stochastics are both in the oversold territory and a nice looking positive divergence on the MACD. Remember - this is a stock that has gone down on high volume! You must keep a stop loss below the level of support.

CSIQ - Another solar play in the oversold category. A nice doji formed today at the MA(50) mark. Once again, in trying to play these stocks for a bounce, you must have your stock loss in place. A stop loss below MA(50) should serve the purpose.

NKTR - A stock from my watchlist on Monday, some of which did surprisingly well today. Really nice looking consolidation around the 12 mark after a huge move up on great volume. I would look for entry upon new highs if there is decent volume.

PRGO - Another stock doing well from the watchlist posted over the weekend. Decent looking volume pattern! Small pullback on low volumes today. Again, an entry on new highs if accompanied by decent volume would be a good entry point.

I also like SWC, PAL over here as Palladium is making new 52 week highs even as I write this. I entered SWC at 13.44 earlier in the day today. I also like DXCM - my election result pick - which held up rather well today and I am still holding it. Since I posted about these stocks just yesterday, I will just refer you to those posts.

SWC, PAL, Palladium

I hope some of the stocks are of some help to you! Let me know if there are any stocks that you readers like for tomorrow and I might add them to the list here.

Good Luck and Take care!

Update: CYTX: Great looking chart! Great looking volume. A buy above 9.50. Thanks to Lee, one of the readers, for pointing out this one.

Any more picks guys??


Lee said...

CYTX is rockin.......

positiontrader said...

Yes, it does!! The chart looks great with amazing volume. I will add it to the list.