Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why I started this blog?

This blog was started a little over a week ago with the aim of making me a better trader. And if you readers do join me in this journey and pick something along the way from my mistakes, all the more better.

I am up around 180% starting from January last year
(for more details about me, please see my introduction) after commissions. Why I specifically mention after commissions is because I trade with a really small account, so commissions do account for a lot. So, if anyone tells any of you small account traders that you cant make it with a small account, I am the living example of yes you can! I wont lie to is much harder with a small account, but it is very much possible.

In this blog, you wont find me talking about all my winners. I am not selling anything to you readers and have nothing to hide. You will see my losing trades and also see me getting frustrated with my losses sometimes. I am sure the same happens with you guys sometimes too. I report my weekly P/L after commissions....ever seen a blog do that? I do it because this blog is supposed to be a trading journal and its purpose is to make me grow as a trader. I can quite possibly lie to you readers but I cant lie to myself. So, I promise to brutally honest, both with my losses and my emotions. If you are looking for a blog that will make you instantly rich, then this is not a blog for you. I do not trade penny stocks and do not look for 100% gains. If you want to grow and improve as a trader, then I believe maybe my experiences might be of some help to you. Sometimes its just nice to see somebody out there struggling too and having the same difficulties that you guys face :). My 180% profits might give you the impression that I dont struggle a lot, but trust me I do!! Just read my introduction or for that matter, my posts of the last one week.

It is clear to me that somewhere in the last one week, I have slipped up in my trading and am making rookie mistakes. It is time to think about what these mistakes are and correct them. Admitting about them and writing about them in a public forum might make be just a little bit hard, but I do believe it will go a long way in making me a better trader. So, look out for a post on my mistakes in the last week and how to correct them sometime during the weekend.

In the end, I would just like to wish all you readers good luck in your trading endeavors but please just keep in mind that making money is certainly not everything in life.

Take care and good luck!

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