Sunday, April 10, 2011


Here are a few stocks that I will be watching tomorrow. The S&P chart is beginning to look bearish with this overextended period of consolidation but the futures are up again as I right this. I am not comfortable holding large overnight long positions until we break 1345.

SD - Consolidating nicely for over a week now. A buy on low volume pullback or on new highs.

DVR - Nice rounded bottom. A buy on break of 7.50. Wouldn't mind to see it rest for a while and perhaps even form the cup and handle pattern.

ANV - Bullish volume pattern. Broke from a bull flag on Friday on decent volume. One to watch out for if gold continues with its recent run.

AUY - Would love to catch this one on a pullback.

BLTI - Consolidating after breaking out. Watch out for new highs.

MMR - A nice move on Friday but a weak close. A buy over 19.

Here is a post with advice for new traders.

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