Friday, April 8, 2011


With the markets in a "Thou shall not gap down phase", here are some stocks that I like for tomorrow. Also, here is a link to one of the most popular posts of this blog, How to trade gap ups, which I believe is quite relevant in these markets. I had followed up the above mentioned post by an example of how to trade gap ups. Hope these posts are useful to some of you readers out there!

HUN - The only stock I had posted on the blog yesterday. Broke up big on good volume. The close over previous highs means that its looking good for more.

MPEL - There were only two stocks I had posted about on twitter yesterday, one of them being MPEL. Liked it on a break of 8.50 then and still do.

COO - And here is the other stock that I had tweeted about. It was in 70.20s then and finally finished over 73.50. The key was the break of 70 on twice the average daily volume at that time. Hope some of you benefited from the call!

AVL - Day traded this yesterday and sold it, for what I then thought were decent profits, at 9.13.  Sigh! This could very well see 10 tomorrow. Like it more as a day trade stock rather than swing trade due to the volatility.


NCR - Like it here with a stop below 19.

SHZ - Love the volume pattern on this one. The close above MA(50) was crucial. Could see 6. Soon.

Take care and good luck!

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