Sunday, April 17, 2011

Watchlist for next week

My strategy for next week remains the same as what I had underlined on Friday. Here is the link to that post. Following are few setups that I like heading into next week. It being earnings season, be sure to first check when a stock is reporting before getting into it.

PDC - Could breakout after 15.

PKD - Watch out for break of 7.50. Like the bouncer off MA(20).

HOTT - Like it as a day trade over 6.60.

FL - Like the high volume breakout from the consolidation range on Friday as well as the close close to the highs.

DFS - A financial stock that is holding up rather well. Could be time for it to make a move as MA(20) catches up.

CHKP - Would like to see this one consolidate a bit on low volume next week.

 CEF - Watch out for 23.50.

OLN - A break of 25.50 and this could run big. A buy at new highs or on pullback.

COO - Consolidating nicely after the breakout. 75 is the key.

Take care and good luck!

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