Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remembering what's really important

You dont need me, dear readers, to tell you what a bearish day today was and how some important levels were broken. I take it you already know that. So, I won't go into that. But here is a piece I wrote a little while back on another day like today. If you had heavy losses today, I recommend giving it a read.

Personally speaking, I pretty much did not get a chance to watch the markets today until about the last half hour. Well, I was quite shocked :). But any selling then would have just been selling into panic so I decided to wait.

Frankly speaking, I am that point in life where I don't really care. Obviously, I was a little disappointed buy I don't really care. I trade with a small account and only with what I can afford to lose. But that's not the point. Sometimes circumstances arrive in life where trading et al. seem so small and insignificant. Imagine having to give up all that you have worked for and made unimaginable sacrifices for a major part of your life. Imagine just throwing it away. Well, that's the choice I am faced with dear readers. Naturally, I don't know what to do. Anyway, I pretty much wont have time for markets tomorrow too and might just go all into cash early in the day.

Take care and good luck dear readers.


Is It Possible said...

Nice post...

Just remember one thing, never give up, always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst...

Good Luck!

positiontrader said...

Thanks IIP.

I know of that line too. Heard it first.....in a Jackie Chan movie :)

Good Night!

Anonymous said...

A little confusing post, or I'm slow, lol. Did you have positions yesterday that you didn't get to sell? Are you done trading? /Suspense.