Saturday, April 24, 2010

Apr 19 - Apr 23 completed trades

5 profits, 0 losses- +13.02%
Average Profit - +2.60%
Average Loss - 0%

Total account up 14.43% YTD (after commissions)

Open Positions: NEP

A satisfactory week. Any week in which you have no losses is a good week, irrespective of the size of the profits. Though I am pleased with the average profit size too. At the end of this week, I have recovered 70% of the money that I lost that Friday in AIG and RDN. Percentage vise the gains have already far overcome those losses but as the regular readers of this blog know I had decided to take smaller positions until I had recovered my confidence. Well dear readers, the confidence is back but I am going to continue to trade small until I completely recover those losses. Slow and steady is the plan here.

Also, mostly inspired by those losses, I am going to start a new section in this blog called - Well traded Sir! More on that later this evening.


1) The table shows only completed trades of the week. The positions that are still open will be accounted for in the week that I close them.
2) The YTD calculation includes the open positions. I just take my account value at end of Friday and calculate it. So, it also includes commissions which do matter a lot to a small account like mine.

Which other blog reports results after commissions? :)