Saturday, April 3, 2010

Looking back and looking ahead

Well, dear readers, it's the end of the quarter. Its time to reflect on the quarter gone by, the good times and the bad, the things done right and learn from the things done wrong. To start this post on an upbeat note, let me begin with the things that I was pleased with in this quarter.

If I had to describe my trading in the last one quarter in one word, that one word be satisfactory. Not pleased. Not dissatisfied. Going purely by the numbers, around 11% gain, which would have been at least 21% if not for the commissions. So, can't really complain there. The thing that I am most satisfied is an improvement in my risk management skills. No longer thus my account suffer from the wild swings that it did last year. I am confident now in my ability to preserve my capital. Making it will hopefully just follow from that.

After that gentle pat on the back, now to the important part. The mistakes and how to correct them. The two things I would like to see improve in my trading both result from the loss of that 10% profit mentioned above.

(1) I shall not overtrade. I have to be a lot more patient with my entries, especially in ranging markets. Look for things to come to me, rather than try and make things happen.

(2) I shall take bigger positions and get out of my comfort zone. This follows directly from a post I wrote earlier this week - Taking it to the next level.

So, those are my targets for the next quarter dear readers. Feel free to call me out if you see me overtrading in the future. In fact, I insist you readers do that.

What are your targets for the next quarter dear readers? What did you learn from the last quarter? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. It is nice to put your goals in public sometimes, just to make yourself more accountable. So, let me know what you have to say!

Here is to all of us improving as traders in the next quarter!

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