Sunday, May 8, 2011

Watchlist for next week - Part 3

I decided to relax my screening criteria of charts this weekend in order to go through a larger number of charts, and the result was 548 charts to go through. Following is part 3 of the best setups from my search. As always, it being earnings season, be sure to check when these companies are reporting before taking any position in them. The important levels are marked on the charts itself.

That's finally it! Here are the links to Parts 1 and 2 of the watchlist. Hope you readers had a great weekend!

Take care and good luck!


PhoenixTrader said...

Any particular reasons you are confident of an strong upmove? Like you depend on some reliable indicators?

Must say you are a gutsy contrarian!

positiontrader said...

Not expecting a strong upmove. If anything, SPX looks bearish right now. Playing by individual charts rather than overall indices until the market makes its next move.

ppmoore said...

Hi PT,

Going through your WLs again, I think the following look even better for today than yesterday:
teg, wcn, cnk, chkp, pep, ba, alb

We'll see.
Keep up the good work.

positiontrader said...

Thanks! Yeah, a lot of the stocks on the watchlist set up nicely yesterday. Havent got time to post an updated list :).

Good Luck!