Monday, May 30, 2011

Trading from India

As the regular readers of the blog know, I haven't posted much during the last couple of weeks. In spite of this, the blog has seen regular traffic and increase in number of subscribers through the blog feed and followers on twitter during this time period. Thanks to all you readers for your support! 

The number of posts, though still pretty high compared to most blogs, have generally reduced in the last few months. I try to keep my personal life as well as my opinions on anything else but the markets away from this blog but I feel I owe you regular readers an explanation for this decrease in output. I started trading while still a grad student in States, and having got my PhD, decided the time was right to move back to India and did so last August. The time difference makes it hard to be as prolific with the blog as I once was but I shall continue trying my best to blog my thoughts as frequently as possible. This blog is something that I literally built from scratch, and though the income from it is pretty much insignificant, the feeling of pride that comes from having built something that now enjoys such wide readership from over 100 countries in the world makes the effort more than worth it. Also, the fact that I can help new or struggling traders out there and give something back to the community, no matter how small my contribution might be, is more than enough reward in itself.

As a side note, I trade the Indian markets now as well (I still trade the US markets) and it has proved to be quite an interesting experience. The Indian markets are in a stage where you have a lot of people promising 90% winning trades and unbelievable returns. We all know how that works out. Another thing that has struck me is the lack of any good technical analysis material on the Indian markets. There is a lot of good fundamental analysis out there but nothing much at all as far as technical analysis is concerned. I know this blog enjoys a large Indian readership. Feel free to email me at positiontrader @ (no gaps) if you have any questions on Indian stocks, portfolio analysis or technical analysis in general. I might start a blog on the Indian stock market in the near future, time permitting.

BTW, my being in India also explains tweets regarding Crown Royal and Jack Daniels when its morning your time. As it turns out, it actually IS 5 o' clock somewhere!

Take care and good luck! 


praveen said...

Good Luck. Im also from India, living in US. Is the move back to India a permanent one?

Curious to learn what made you to move back. and what are your plans? trade for living?

positiontrader said...

Thanks Praveen! Yeah, the move back to India is hopefully a permanent one. Luckily, the reason to return back was really simple. Family. For the time being, I am in the education sector but trading for a living is hopefully on the cards.

praveen said...

Best of luck.

Let us know how things are going and experiences trading in India.

I was looking for good charting website for Indian market. Here we have great ones like stockcharts or freestockcharts.
let us know if you find any good ones there


Anonymous said...


Regular reader of your blog and overseas Indian from Singapore.

To answer Praveen's comment, he can download the charting program from - This is a S'pore based company offering free charting program for most markets including India (NSE, BSE), NASDAQ, NYSE, Singapore,HK and a few more markets.

Have been a regular user for more than 3 years and the best part is it's free. Disclaimer - I don't work for Chartnexus.

Keep up the good work.

Would love some thoughts on Indian markets too - I haven't ventured into it. However given the relatively high brokerage charges and tax regime, I wonder if the net after tax and brokerage gains is tangible enough like other markets.


positiontrader said...

Hi Kaps,

Thanks for the link. I shall check it out too. Compared to US, the tax structure in India for equities is a lot more favorable. Also, dont go by the brokerage given on the websites of the brokers. They are all negotiable.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for responding. I trade US equities sitting in S'pore - so it is not taxable for me. Same with S'pore stocks. However trading in Indian stocks would invite tax (Short term taxed at a higher rate) since I still retain my Indian citizenship. Although I use a mix of fundamental + technical strategies, most of them are sold within 1 year.

So, it is a bit unattractive if I consider after tax returns. Anyway haven't given it a serious thought yet and will check with you if I need more inputs.

BTW, I read your blog through Google reader and I don't see the full feeds. Any plans to offer full feeds through RSS?