Thursday, March 18, 2010

An interesting day

An interesting day dear readers, an interesting day indeed. Though the Dow Jones Index and Nasdaq closed well in the green and the S&P only slightly in the red, I see more red than green on my screen. Do you readers see that too or is it just me? Perhaps tellingly, FAS closed in the red today despite the overall markets being up. Financials have led this rally. Could this be a sign?

Personally speaking, I decided to change my strategy. I decided to balance between long and short term holdings and hold my positions for a longer period of time. I will balance my long/short ratio as and when I see fit. Currently, I am long NEP and MGM while I am short with positions in FAZ, VZZ and SRS. On the whole, I am more short than long. Let's see how this new strategy works out.

Take care and good luck. Be careful out there!

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