Friday, June 3, 2011

Indian stock market blog

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I moved to India last year and have also been trading the Indian markets for the last few months. I was going through my stock scans for the Indian markets for next week and I intended to post my scan results on this blog. But now I am thinking that since this blog has been about the US markets and the subscribers for this blog have subscribed expecting content about the US markets, the Indian market content will not be appreciated by these loyal readers and also those who access the blog through various readers.

Hence, I am thinking of starting a separate blog on the Indian stock market with overall market analysis as well as stock picks. But as I am sure anyone who has written a blog will testify, that writing a blog regularly involves a lot of hard work with very little monetary rewards (unless the blog becomes really huge!). So, if any of you readers would like to see a blog on the Indian stock market, please send me a mail at positiontrader @ (no gaps and also, that's ymail, not gmail!). Also please let me know what all would you like to see in the blog.

If the response is good enough, I would start the blog from this weekend.

Take care and good luck! Make it a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

It will be good to see blog on Indian market. Always liked the current blog.


Anonymous said...

Yes please...the scarcity of information about the indian market is just staggering!

Appreciate your time.

positiontrader said...

Thanks for the comments guys! And yes, it amazes me too on how few TA sites/blogs are here but I am sure that will change in a few years time.

Anonymous said...

Is there a charts site for Indian markets? What tools do you use to screen stocks?

positiontrader said...

Try icharts or Chartnexus for EOD charts. While there is no one decent stock screener that I know of for Indian markets, I do use a number of other websites like rediff, ruppeeking, moneycontrol etc.

stock tips said...

thanks for this news.

Anonymous said...

hi, how do u go about scanning stocks like say based on avge volume or greater than or less than price, which website do u use and which broker would u recommend

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in seeing that blog.

Anonymous said...


It will take a while for you to get used to Chartnexus. I use it to view charts for S'pore, US and Indian markets and it works fine. Data download is usually avlbl 3 hrs after market close.

Try shutting down the program and restarting if data download is not updating and make use of the tools and indicators given alongside.

If you become a paid subscriber to Chartnexus, they do have pre-set scanners based on proven Technical patterns to filter and throw up a list of Long / Short candidates. I haven't used it, but have seen the demo and it is pretty good.

- Kaps