Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keep an eye on MA(20)

Both the S&P and Nasdaq find themselves at important levels today as they test their respective MA(20)s. The importance of MA(20) for S&P can be seen in the chart below. Since this rally started in September, this level has provided constant support and has breached only once.

Its pretty much the same story for Nasdaq except for one little fact. Its already below the MA(20) as I like this.

Personally, I am all in cash here, enjoying the action from the sidelines but all ready to take sides with whoever wins the fight here, the bulls or the bears.

Take care and good luck!

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Bill said...

Nasdaq tanks again, tech might be a leading indicator on upcoming market direction. Next week is going to be a huge test for this rally. Even more worrisome is that focus is starting to shift from debt to inflation, making well rounded bubbles prime for popping, esp in emerging markets. Watch for loose money to be reigned in soon, and a lot of potential problems start to accelerate. The rally may not be done for another month but the good news train is likely over.