Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gone Short

I switched over to the dark side today, taking a position in SDS at the close today. I guess this is kinda over dramatizing things as its a small position, but nonetheless, its the first time I have gone short the overall markets since the bounce from 1040. For the second consecutive day, I did not like the action in the markets today despite the fact that the all the major indices closing in green. Remember, that topping out is a slow, gradual process, specially in markets as strong as these. Notice the negative divergence in  MACD in the SPX chart below. As far as my short position goes, I will sell it when SPX touches 1225 or 1250, whichever comes first. Just to clarify my position on the overall market, I still think that any dips will be bought but just that a pullback seems to be on the cards.

Take care and good luck!


Bill said...

I agree with your unease and good for you, you need to break out of your shell a little bit every know and then. Do you buy puts or sell calls? And are you buying calls when your bullish or just the stocks?

positiontrader said...

Just stocks.