Thursday, November 11, 2010


Here are some stocks that I shall be keeping an eye on today. They are mostly consolidation plays and one could either get into them at support or the break of the trading ranges to the upside.

Take care and good luck!

P.S.: The futures are looking ugly right now. I am mostly in cash heading into today with my only positions being PTEN and CIT. If weakness persists, I would move all into cash. Might take a starting position in any of the above plays on a pullback to support  but the main strategy will be to protect the gains and minimize the losses. Don't mind being fully in cash and not trading at all today. I am going to be looking at the dollar for signs of where the market is headed. Good Luck!


S said...

I like Atmel, too--got into it two days ago and the other indicators I use on TOS, including Dashboard, Percent R, Stochastics, also show it's consolidating. Perhaps bouncing off EMA.

I, too, just got my Ph.D., began investing while I grad student, and find that it is stimulating and interesting!

Good luck!

positiontrader said...

Congrats on getting the PhD S! Looks we have a few things in common. I just posted a chart of ATML showing it bouncing nicely off the support today. I like it here.