Saturday, November 27, 2010

500 blog posts - Thanks for reading!

500 blogs posts! Wow! In less than 11 months. Double Wow! And that's where the self-congratulations end. Well, at least for now :). This blog started as a personal trading journal. But with time, thanks to you readers, it has become much more than that. I remember sometime during the first week of its existence, I was so pleased to have 50 readers in a day and that got me dreaming to how cool it would be have 100 readers a day. Simpler times. It would be fair to say that the blog has grown beyond my wildest dreams. All thanks to you readers. Special thanks to those who have patronized the blog from its very first month. I admit that on some days, especially bad trading days, I just don't feel like coming here and writing it all down, but then I feel I owe it to the regular readers to put something out there.

I would like to believe, and the results definitely say so, that the blog has helped me grow and improve as a trader. If nothing else, it forces me to do my homework everyday. Earlier I just used to think about the stocks that I was in, but now thanks to the daily reviews, I am forced to look at and consider the bigger picture out there. I hope the blog has been of some help to all you readers in some way too, even if its a very small way. I am nowhere close to becoming the trader I would like to be, and hopefully we all will continue to grow as traders together.

I don't know how long I will be able to keep this blog going because, well, life happens. But rest assured, I am gonna try my best to keep at it.

Thanks for reading! Trade To Learn....and maybe you can even Learn To Trade.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're doing a good job - I check your blog every day
Keep it up!

positiontrader said...

Thanks for the kind words Ivan! Also, thanks for being a regular reader.

Bill said...

I really enjoy the blog, its a refreshing change from the normal babbling and back patting that financial bloggers and tv personality's usually take like jim cramer. your providing a really quality blog. thanks.

positiontrader said...

Thanks Bill! Coming from someone whose opinion I have come to respect, these words mean a lot. And a special thanks for all the insightful comments.