Thursday, September 9, 2010

Watchlist - Part 2

After going through a total of 534 charts, here is the second part of the watchlist. Here is Part 1 in case you missed it. The important levels are marked on the charts itself.

Take care and good luck!


Anonymous said...

got a question for you.
i believe you have a full time job. then how do you trade while working. do you set triggers and then you buy? instead of watching the stocks whole day which is nearly impossible when we have fulltime job.
please explain how you do it

thank you
trader_mba @twitter

positiontrader said...

You got it right about me having a full time job. I wish I could trade full time but that's not the case, at least for now. But I do have a certain advantage that being in the research field, I pretty much keep my own timings apart from when teaching. But even then, as my main method of trading is by watching the tape, having a full time job is indeed a hindrance when it comes to trading. One way I overcome this is by being a swing trader rather than a day trader. Secondly, I prefer having mental stops but I always have hard stops in place when I cant follow the market. I learnt this the hard way in January when I was away from my desk just for a little while and suffered a heavier loss than I had planned. On the other side, not being a full time trader can have its benefits in the sense that you concentrate mostly on the important levels and ignore a lot of the noise. As for buying, I try to not set triggers for that. If I miss an opportunity, so be it. There will be new ones the next day.

Hope this answers your question somewhat!

Anonymous said...


that gives a good picture.

Doctor Stock said...

Thanks for the list. Do you use a stock screening website to simplify things or? Thanks.

positiontrader said...

I use

Ying Tan said...

Thanks for sharing your way of juggling a fulltime job and trading. It helps. You are a very generous spirit.

positiontrader said...

Thanks for the kind words Ying! I am glad if I can be of any help.