Thursday, September 9, 2010

Watchlist - Part 1

After three days of consolidation, I see a lot of long setups emerging. I will be putting up the watchlist in parts as there are a lot of setups out there and moreover, I haven't finished going through my scans yet. I have commented on the stocks where I think it is necessary, otherwise the important levels are marked on the charts. Watch out for more setups later in the evening!

AGCO - A break of 37.50 could get 40.

AHL - A nice low volume pullback to support. A buy if the support holds.

BVF - From the watchlist earlier this week. Congratulations to those who caught the breakout! Consolidating nicely here after the breakout.

Be back in a bit!

P.S.: Here is the second part of the watchlist and Chart of the Day.

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