Saturday, August 24, 2013

My story

Been over six years since I started trading. Sounds like such a long time. I am not as young as I once was but not yet old enough that six years would not seem like much. Let's see. Started trading from a studio apartment in a small college town in Pennsylvania. Since then, got a Masters, then a PhD, moved to India, got married......that's quite a list. Some changes that I had expected, some changes that I had hoped for, some changes that I had never imagined. But one thing has remained pretty much the same during all this time. Trading. 

Which, come to think of it, is pretty ironic. Considering no two days in trading are ever the same, for that matter even two minutes, it is pretty ironic that I consider it to be a constant during the past six years. Still the most challenging thing I have done in my life. Still the hardest and the easiest endeavor. Still hate the Friday afternoons. Still wait for Monday mornings (though that's become Monday evenings now, Indian Standard Time). Still so much to learn. Still have the same dreams.

Here's my story so far. How I started by losing money. The mistakes I made. The mistakes I make. What it took to be consistent. Hopefully there are a few more chapters to write in the future.

Take care and good luck!

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