Sunday, November 25, 2012


I thought I would do a quick review of how the stocks from the watchlist posted over the last weekend are doing. It turns out that some of them have done rather well and more importantly, some are still setting up and are still in play for next week.

CNC - Had a nice week as it was positive all days of the week. 44 should be in sights next week but would like to see a consolidation before it tests that.

OEH - Broke the trendline marked last weekend but the next couple of days are crucial for this one. Volume did start to come in on Friday but not a big fan of the close. Its a news play so gotta be quick if you want to play this one. 

PNR - The big winner from last week's watchlist, up over 6% for the week. Hope some of you played it!!

TASR - Still consolidating, still like it. Watch out for a break of 8.25. MA(20) is the support.

PENN - Well, as written last week, the pullback has happened. Lets see if it bounces from here.

MYGN - Has been on my watchlist for two weeks now and have even played it once. Still like it.

Also, like WNC and MIPS about which I had posted in Friday's Chart of the Day. Will be posting today's Chart of the Day later in the evening. 

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Take care and good luck!

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