Sunday, June 24, 2012

Watchlist for next week

ACCO - Consolidating nicely over MA(50). A break of 10.65 and the next resistance is 11.40.

ARRS - Watch out for a break of 13.63.

CRIS -  Broke out of a consolidation pattern on Friday on good volume. Plenty of room up ahead.

CVG - Been consolidating nicely for the last two weeks or so. Pattern getting tighter with nice volume coming in on Friday. Watch out for close over 14.50.

DAR - Could see a quick move to 15.80.

MJN - Broke out on Friday on good volume. Like the consolidation before that, so it could extend the move in the next few days.

Overall, the markets did move up on Friday but that counts for little compared to the down move on Thursday. The bears seem to have the upper hand but we are still in a news dominated market.

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