Monday, May 28, 2012

Thoughts from one of India's best fund managers

The Indian stock market is still at that stage of its evolution where most of the stock market blogs and writings promise to make the reader rich beyond his wildest dreams for a small subscription fee. Double your money in three months etc. You know the drill. Genuine success stories are nowhere as famous as say, a Warren Buffet or a George Soros. Of course, that all will change with time. But until it does, voices of sanity are far and few between. So, when of India's most successful mutual fund managers, Prashant Jain, CIO of HDFC Mutual Fund, came up with the following piece, I thought I should share it with you readers. It makes for good reading at a time when most investors are shunning equities and running towards gold and real estate. Of course, as always, consider the source!(I will let you figure that for yourself!)

Take care and good luck!

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